A 60-year-old male patient with larynx cancer was hospitalized following a total laryngectomy. His wife was at his bedside throughout his entire hospital stay. Patient and wife live in Evansville, so the drive to get to IU North Hospital was a long journey, but worth it as Dr. Goldenburg, ENT MD, who completed the surgery, specializes in this type of surgery. When the wife arrived, she reported that she didn’t have the financial means to pay for a hotel and no overnight stays are available at this time at the hospital so she planned to sleep in her car. Philanthropy oncology funds were able to assist with a 5-night stay in a hotel for his wife, along with gift cards for gas so they could ensure patient would return to his follow-up appointment with Dr. Goldenburg 1-week post discharge. Patient and wife were both extremely thankful for the services provided. Between the major surgery for the patient and the distance of being away from home, they were thankful the funds were there to assist the patient and wife with needs in a stressful, overwhelming time.


A 43-year-old single female who was impacted by a COVID 19 layoff from her job, unfortunately was diagnosed the following month with a difficult breast cancer. Treatment would need to begin immediately given the complexity of her diagnosis preventing her from seeking employment.  When her unemployment ran out, the philanthropy oncology funds in collaboration with Cancer Care Cup and other community cancer support programs as well as family were able to provide 5 months of assistance with rent, utilities, groceries, and car payments until the patient was able to receive Social Security Disability. This patient often expresses when in clinic, she is beyond grateful for the generosity she received and hopes to pay it forward when she is back on her feet.



"Thank you for helping me by paying my rent this year. It has been a difficult year dealing with Leukemia and trying to begin law school this fall. I have not had any major setbacks, allowing me to move next month to begin this new chapter in my life. I still have many more treatments but it is exciting to be able to have something else to focus on. Because of your help, it will be a lot easier to financially manage all of this. I have not really been able to work, but the aid and support has allowed me to stay close to the hospital where I am treated since I was diagnosed. With my rent paid for the next few months, I will not have to worry about it at all and can focus on classes and coming back to the city for my treatments. It will still be a difficult transition but not worrying about rent will make it easier. I appreciate it immensely. Cancer is horrible -- an understatement, really -- but foundations and support programs like the Cancer Cup Foundation really help us patients more than just the monetary gift invites others to believe. Knowing that there are people who work hard every day to make our situations even slightly better is amazing. Thank you so much for helping me and for everything else that you do."       - Alex


"On behalf of The Galvez family We wanted to give a huge thank you to the cancer cup foundation for helping us in a huge time of need. Since the diagnosis of Levi’s Leukemia (B Cell ALL) liked has changed dramatically. In and of every week for outpatient clinic visits and being hospitalized for almost 40 days. Last week Levi had a seizure and we rushed by EMS to Riley Children’s hospital in Indianapolis,IN. Neuro and Hemoc feared that cancer had spread, thankfully everything was cleared and it was an unexpected event. We appreciate the help from the bottom Of our hearts! Thank you Cancer Cup Foundation.
- Galvez Family

Keith & Emily King

"We are recipients of your generous gas gift cards. We are so appreciative of your thoughtfulness. A big thank you to you and also to those who have donated toward this very worthy cause."

U.S. Veteran

"Being able to stay in a hotel overnight after my infusion therapy and not drive home to South Bend has changed my once a week treatments. Thank you for the generous gift."
- Oncology Patient